Vortex 12: The Challenge To Go Beyond II

Vortex 12: The Challenge To Go Beyond II

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About the product

Spatula technique, acrylic structured colour base on canvas with multi coloured layers enhanced by off-beat colour curvature.
100 x 80 cm
39 x 31 in
Series: Vortices - A Discourse Of Bohemian Rhapsodies
EXHIBITIONS: Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo & Hotel Majestic Cannes
Antonia Pia Gordon©


PAINT VORT 0114 - Intended outlines (curvature) on structured sand colour base with multi coloured overlapping layers

Artist statement

Vortices represent the twist and turns, heights and depths, quiet and stormy moments of life – they are the maps of my life, the atlas of my soul. I granted my soul the freedom to explore how it feels, to indulge in exposing itself in changing settings. Playful sessions with paint, brush, spatula and the shapes of circles and spheres frequently collided with my discoveries in creative fields corresponding with incidences that rocked my daily life. Eventually I began to understand that the vortices affecting our lives are the grinding and polishing influence that offers our soul a chance to mature to peace and perfection. I reflected on this notion - in countless sessions of applying layers of different materials and paint to my canvasses.
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