Burning Sun

Burning Sun

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About the product

Mixed media, acrylics on canvas, spray technique, 3D
120 x 80 cm
47 x 31 in
Series: Celestial Spheres
Gold Leaf Wood Framing
EXHIBITIONS: Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo & Hotel Majestic Cannes
Antonia Pia Gordon ©


PAINT0002 - Red sphere on yellow and orange.

Artist statement

In Celestial Spheres, I was drawn to express my feelings about how we treat our environment and the earth. Here, I used Spheres to represent our floating base in the universe. I termed them: “Bleeding Earth” expressing earth’s pain, “Burning Sun” the fiery planet providing light and warmth, “Blue Night” for a multi coloured blue blast and I wrapped up the earth in a white peaceful veil in “Silent Peace”. This was the beginning of an expressive and intuitive journey into my Spheres & Vortices. Please find more information in the catalogue.