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Introducing the Antonia Pia Gordon Lifestyle Brand - a fusion of humanities and business savvy

Antonia Pia Gordon is a visionary artist whose expressive works reflect a unique creative talent, a cultured elegance, and a balanced intelligence, all complemented by a powerful and energetic aura. She is a global citizen with an international outlook who is defined neither by age nor social status. Her choices are defined by the pleasure she derives from using aesthetics to tell her life story.

Antonia's work is a language in itself; a narrative that unfolds through her abstract paintings, sculptures, and installations, and is then re-written through the unexpected conduits of fashion, home design, and lifestyle. Her passion for design, texture, and color contrasts, combined with her vast range of artistic creations of different moods, make her works a source of atmospheric ambiance for the most varied settings, from high-end luxury spaces to everyday settings, either contemporary or traditional.

Antonia is a well-traveled artist, taking influences from the many places that she has called home, including Paris, London, Dubai, St. Moritz, Turks and Caicos Islands, Kampen on the island Sylt, and her native Hamburg. She views her blended cultures as the catalyst for her art, a unique perspective that enables her to avoid bowing to labeled precepts.

Antonia's diversified interests and talents manifested themselves early on in her choice of studies in French, art, design, and business administration. She studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris, business management in Zurich, and at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, and participated in a number of artistic projects.

The Antonia Pia Gordon Lifestyle Brand boasts a portfolio that extends beyond art into fashion and timeless design, through an ever-transient world of creative expression. The exciting fusion of art, interior design, fashion, beauty, gastronomy, sport, and entertainment awaits you.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Share your happiness with the world and watch it multiply - Rumi

Art by Antonia

Antonia Pia Gordon is a multi-disciplinary artist and visionary entrepreneur whose highly expressive work encompasses a wide range of mediums, creating an artistic dialogue between them. She is a painter, sculptor, writer, and a major representative of social and economic visionary art.

Gordon's profuse artistic output ranges from abstract paintings that achieve an unusual and surprising harmony through a fearless co-existence of vivid and dramatic colors that are generally not combined on canvas or MDF in a layer-by-layer technique that takes many months to complete. Her paintings showcase perfect forms of circles to blocks linked with ethereal lines and spiced with symbolic elements, as well as an interaction of acrylic paint with mixed media applications and mounted elements.

Gordon also presents her paintings on other media, such as a Kelly-type bag, and creates large monochromatic and combined color wooden cabinets called "TIME ICONS" of various heights, mounted on wheeled bases and integrating 3D elements such as Barbie dolls and robot toys that interact with their environment.

Antonia Pia Gordon's paintings and Time-Icon-Installations establish immediate communication with the viewer through an interaction of powerful colors and textural diversity. Her works sway between a focus on Moments of Historical Impact and intrinsic human motivational bases, and move with originality paired with vibrant energy. It is this combination that intrigues with the creation of innovative and idiosyncratic paintings and Time-Icons that invite their audience to reflect.

In this art that transverses time, culture and human emotion, we see hints of tomorrow; stunning statements of social and economic significance in the digital age. Antonia is a creative force who combines courageous combinations of color and theme, catapulting classic tradition into modernity. Antonia believes that with AI, art grasps infinite possibilities to renew itself over and over again, expanding from daily life into Web3 and beyond.