Glamorous Sea

Glamorous Sea

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About the product

Mixed Media, Acrylics on canvas
150 x 120 cm
59 x 47 in
Series: Glamorous
Antonia Pia Gordon©



Artist statement

Antonia Pia Gordon's global travels have immersed her in varied landscapes, often near water, offering unique plays of light. From the glittering sun over the sea to autumn leaves turning gold, each moment's glistening allure has energized and inspired her reflective contemplation. As she dresses for events, her mirror image reflects the diverse lights she has experienced, prompting a creative journey to capture the source of all glamour—the dazzling play of light and colors that breathe life into the soul.

In her Glamorous fine art series, Gordon explores the glamour of nature. Through bold glitter mineral strokes, she creates a visual symphony, transporting viewers into a world where nature becomes a dazzling spectacle with layers of depth beneath the surface. Gordon's mastery combines seemingly incongruent elements, not just exploring the external topic but also the internal, unconscious connection between space and matter. Inspired by Einstein's revelations about space, light, and matter, Gordon utilizes glitter minerals to emphasize these elements, employing innovative techniques like spatula work. The series visually articulates the profound impact of nature and light on the soul, inviting contemplation of a new sphere of existence. Her works create a thematic narrative, akin to Pirandello, sharing what gives air to the soul. The implication is clear: the fusion of nature and human imagination can elevate one to a new, transcendent sphere of experience. In essence, the Glamorous fine art series encapsulates the transformative power of nature's radiance, a mesmerizing exploration within 300 words. Through Gordon's artistry, nature becomes a conduit for reaching new heights of understanding and connection—an invitation to embrace the enchanting glamour that surrounds us. continue reading …