After studying Business Management in Zurich and at INSEAD in France, Antonia began working as an assistant to her father, a German producer of automotive parts. This role provided her with diversified experience in a multinational environment. She travelled extensively around the world and established a network of friends.

Persia & Persepolis

In 1975, Antonia accompanied her father on a business trip to Iran (under the Shah), where they tendered a turn-key factory for tempered steel springs. The firm's productive relationship with the Middle East dates back to Antonia's grandfather, who was asked to deliver parts for the Berlin-Baghdad railway. The Middle East has traditionally been one of their best markets.

Manila & Taipei

In 1979, Antonia was invited to be the Chairwoman of the judges for the Miss Asia Contest in Manila, and she fell in love with Asia. In the 1980s, she travelled extensively throughout Asia, including Taipei for the opening of a bank.

St. Moritz
Sport, Entertainment, Hospitality

Since 1985, teams from around the world have competed for the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, where Snow Polo had its world premiere. The White Turf horse-racing and The Cresta Run are unique, exclusive, top-class events with exciting gourmet catering, lively music, and inspiring art exhibitions. All these events take place in the winter sunshine on the frozen lake, surrounded by the stunningly beautiful snow-capped mountains of St. Moritz, which has been Antonia's winter home for many decades.