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I love to create. I love to experiment. New technologies always fascinated me. I am excited to explore the digital world in the Metaverse and beyond. I invite you to be part of my creative journey into a new artistic phase in my life. Let’s explore unlimited possibilities:


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What is guiding me and us? Let us start the journey here:

Purchase Options for a Commercial License to NFT Art

Option 1

Client buys NFT to collect and resell later, no other rights.

Option 2

Client buys NFT and a commercial license to produce and sell merchandise, no other rights.

Option 3

I create a physical artwork and put the JPEG file as NFT on an exchange for sale as well.

Client buys:

a. Only the physical artwork and NFT remains on the exchange for sale.

b. Both physical artwork and NFT, no other rights.

c. Both but demands to destroy either the physical artwork or the NFT to keep the exclusivity of the either artwork or NFT. This option is only applicable if the NFT price is at least 10 times higher than the physical artwork.

d. Client buys the physical artwork, the NFT and the license for merchandising only, but no other rights

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NFT Terms & Conditions Purchase & License Agreement

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