Bleeding Earth

Bleeding Earth

25,000.00 USD

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About the product

Mixed media, acrylics on canvas, 3D
170 x 150 cm
67 x 60 in
Series: Celestial Spheres
Silver & Gold Wood Framing
EXHIBITIONS: Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo & Hotel Majestic Cannes
Antonia Pia Gordon ©


PAINT0001 - An arrow hits the earth.

Artist statement

"Celestial Spheres: A Journey of Expression and Intuition"

Embark on a profound journey with "Celestial Spheres," where artistic vision meets environmental consciousness. In this captivating series, I delve deep into the essence of our planet and its place in the universe, using Spheres as a metaphor for our floating abode in the cosmos.

Each piece tells a story, a reflection of our world's current state and our interaction with it. "Bleeding Earth" is a poignant representation of the Earth's suffering, a visual narrative of the pain inflicted upon our planet. "Burning Sun" captures the fiery essence of our life-giving star, embodying the light and warmth that sustain us. "Blue Night" is a celebration of the night sky, a vibrant explosion of blues that mirror the myriad hues of the universe. And in "Silent Peace," the Earth is enshrouded in a serene, white veil, symbolizing a hopeful tranquility.

This collection is more than art; it's a heartfelt expression of concern and love for our environment. It's an intuitive exploration through Spheres & Vortices, inviting you to reflect, feel, and perhaps even change. Join me in this expressive odyssey, and let's together marvel at the wonders of our celestial home. continue reading …