Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud

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Mixed Media, Acrylics on canvas
60 x 80 cm
24 x 31 in
Series: Liquid
Antonia Pia Gordon©



Artist statement

I have always been drawn to water. Like Keats, my name is written in water. For me, oceans, lakes, seas and rivers are inner harbors for reflection. Water is always on the move. Where it flows to and from where it comes is often not perceivable. As it flows, light dances on its surface making it impossible to look away. And as the light changes, the water is clothed in fresh and warming hues that soothe and energize the soul. I love the liquid state of action without action that with its flowing lines of light surfing across the surface have let me float in relaxing inner journeys, gently examining my own paths, inspiring me to feather-light further thought letting me become part of the fluid movement. When the light changes and the colours flow out and other colours flow into the picture, the whole spectacle becomes liquid. For me life’s journey is liquid – our souls following a flowing path. To go with the flow is not to join the crowd – it is to find ourselves in unconditional surrender to the soft and peaceful buoyant weightlessness of liquid hues. Liquid is my splash of elegant and peaceful reflection.

Antonia Pia Gordon’s art series Liquid is an ode to the ever-changing ethereal buoyancy of colour and light in liquid movement with subtle almost symphonious changes of tempo. Composed of acrylics on canvas with metallic minerals, streaming strokes in spatula technique and fluid combinations of bright pinks and purples and pastel colours with translucent suggestions of layered colour, Gordon invites her viewers to accompany her on a journey to the fluid freedom of textured thought floating on the weightless surface of attractive aqueousness and liquid ambience inspired by the sea, lakes and water. With bold strokes and ethereal lines Gordon creates soothing lightness and fluid mobility. With her characteristic unusual combinations of colours she conjures up spirit and soul moving moods. continue reading …