Energy Of Light

Energy Of Light

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About the product

Spatula technique, acrylic structured colour base on canvas with multi coloured layers expanding in horizontal direction.
80 x 60 cm
31 x 24 in
Series: Colorizon
EXHIBITIONS: Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo & Hotel Majestic Cannes
Antonia Pia Gordon©


PAINT COLOR 0131 - Horizons over land and sea. Black, yellow and grey horizontal overlapping colour layers on structured colour base.

Artist statement

Antonia Pia Gordon's Colorizons series invites viewers into a celestial realm where sky colors transform into a canvas for emotional reflection. With a lifetime spent near water and a deep connection to diverse landscapes, Gordon explores pairs of opposites, seamlessly blending the finite with the infinite. The horizon becomes a meeting point for earth and sky, air and water, limitation and freedom. Utilizing multi-layered textured canvases and the spatula technique, Gordon provides a unique perspective on the world's end and the mysteries beyond. The paintings beckon observers to contemplate the universe, where the shifting colors of the sky and water mirror the moods of different times of the day. Clouds, symbols of freedom in the sky or tamed ornaments on water, add depth to the narrative.

Gordon's Colorizons series captures the perpetual ebb and flow of life's journey, symbolizing movement with each stroke. It stands as a testament to her ability to blend potentially discordant colors into serene combinations, offering a soothing backdrop for introspection. The titles, such as "Taming the Light" and "Unlimited Blue," reveal Gordon's fascination with truth and nod to Shakespearean themes of taming the wild and settling freedom. This series encapsulates a serene, mantra-like energy, showcasing Gordon's versatility in seamlessly transitioning between dramatic and serene tones—a testament to her artistic duality. In essence, the Colorizons series is a vibrant meditation, a captivating fusion of bold colors and canvases that encapsulates Gordon's diverse artistic range. It serves as an invitation to traverse the spectrum of human emotions, mirroring the ephemeral yet enduring beauty of the sky's ever-changing hues. Through this collection, Gordon captures the essence of nature's allure and provides a visual space for universal contemplation—a poignant reflection on the perpetual quest for peace and self-empowerment inherent in the farthest horizon. continue reading …