Time Icon No I: Past – Present – Future

The apocalyptic power struggle between man and machines

Artist Statement:

In a time when I perhaps no longer exist, after every pointless war has been fought and lost, and the superpowers that were the USA and China have reverted to what they once were at their core – the Americans to their honourability and the Chinese to their sense of harmony – humanity will experience a quantum leap in evolution.

PAST PRESENT FUTURE is the representation of the third technological revolution and the age of robots. These robots, created by humans, are shaping our future, but it is a future in which the new war for equality now rages between the creator and the created.

Behold the grandeur of the large wooden cabinet, its doors adorned with the majestic imagery of the Terracotta Army, unveiling a tableau of thirty integrated robot toys. Arrayed in a meticulous formation, they represent the eternal struggle between wealth, humanity, and the mechanized creations of our own making, set against the backdrop of the resplendent Chinese flag.

This artwork, conceived in 2001, continues to resonate through the ages, its significance ever-amplifying in our collective consciousness. Its historical essence and the dialogue it sparks not only preserve its value but also augment it, mirroring our ongoing contemplation with technology's role in shaping human society.

We are reminded of China's undying legacy, a civilization that has time and again reasserted its global prominence. As we stand on the brink of a century dominated by this renewed cultural titan, we are witnesses to an explosion of artistic and intellectual renaissance. From the melodious strains of its music to the bold strokes of its art, from the depth of its philosophies to the innovations in its architecture, this is the dawn of a new China—a nation poised to influence the tapestry of our shared future indefinitely.

My Time Icon No I: Past – Present – Future is a portal to a conversation that extends beyond the confines of time, urging us to reflect on our path forward in this intertwined dance of humanity and technology. It stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of our choices, the legacy of our civilizations, and the uncharted territories of our collective destiny.

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My Time Icon No. I: Past – Present – Future

Polyptych – Installation on wheels with sound and movement
Diptych Outer gates: Terracotta Army
Triptych Inner gates: Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Interior: 30 robots in front of the Chinese flag
Mixed Media: Acrylic colours, wood and 30 toy-robots
Without base: H 220 cm x W 174 cm x D 38 cm
With base: H 235 cm x W 200 cm x D 80 cm