Artist Statement

The apocalyptic power struggle between man and machines 

In a time, where I perhaps no longer exist: after all pointless wars have been fought and the super powers USA and China have come back to the core of their souls - the Americans to their honourability and the Chinese to their sense for harmony - humanity will experience a quantum leap in evolution.“

PAST PRESENT FUTURE is the representation of the 3rd technological revolution and the age of robots which are shaping our future, where the new war for equality is between humans and the robots they have created.

The large wooden cabinet doors highlighted with the image of the Terracotta Army, opens up to reveal 30 integrated robot toys, marching in front of the Chinese flag, inspired by the power struggle between money, man and machines.

The Time Icon thus is a witness to Gordon’s economic and social visionary art that poses questions about international technological and economical revolution. The historical relevance of the Time Icon Past Present Future could form the basis for a constant increase in value.        

China is the only civilization, the only empire that has ever asserted itself and came back on the epicenter of the world stage. China has risen again. The 21st Century is in fact their century. Thanks to this new revival of national self-confidence you got a new cultural world that has erupted into music, dance, opera, design, architecture, philosophy, poetry and film. This is the new China and they are aware of the fact that China is becoming a dominant reality for the rest of the time. By Michael Goedhuis

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My Time Icon No. I: Past – Present – Future
Polyptych – Installation on wheels with sound and movement
Diptych Outer gates: Terracotta Army
Triptych Inner gates: Hong Kong Stock Exchange
30 Robots in front of the Chinese flag
Mixed Media:
Acrylic colours, wood and 30 toy-robots
Without base:
H 220 cm x W 174 cm x D 38 cm
With base:
H 235 cm x W 200 cm x D 80 cm