Stylish Splendor 4

Stylish Splendor 4

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About the product

Spatula technique, Acrylics on canvas
40 x 70  cm
16 x 27 in
Series: Liquid
Antonia Pia Gordon©



Artist statement

I have always been drawn to water. Like Keats, my name is writ in water. For me oceans, lakes, seas and rivers are inner harbours for reflection. When the light changes and the colours flow out and other colours flow in to the picture, the whole spectacle becomes liquid. For me life’s journey is liquid – our souls following a flowing path. To go with the flow is not to join the crowd – it is to find ourselves in unconditional surrender to the soft and peaceful buoyant weightlessness of liquid hues. Liquid is my splash of elegant and peaceful reflection.
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