Art by Antonia

Antonia Pia Gordon is a multi-disciplinary artist known for her dynamic work across painting, sculpture, writing, and as a proponent of visionary art with social and economic themes. Her art, characterized by abstract paintings and mixed media, features bold color harmonies, perfect forms, and symbolic elements. Gordon utilizes a unique layering technique on canvas or MDF, often taking months to complete a piece.

She extends her creativity to functional art, such as painted Kelly-type bags, and conceptual pieces like her "TIME ICONS" - large, wheeled wooden cabinets with monochromatic or colorful designs, incorporating 3D elements like Barbie dolls and robot toys to engage with the viewer.

Gordon's work, including her Time-Icon-Installations, is known for its vivid energy, textural diversity, and the ability to communicate powerful messages of historical and motivational significance. Her innovative approach merges traditional artistry with modern themes, leveraging AI to explore the infinite possibilities of art renewal, stretching from everyday experiences to the realms of Web3 and beyond.